Tyre manufacturer Michelin thanked Tablogix for its contribution to the environmental audit


Tablogix has been operating a warehouse of the French tire manufacturer Michelin at the production site in Davydovo. The management of the plant thanks the Tablogix staff for the preparation and participation in the audit of the environmental protection system and prevention of risks in the field of ecology and industrial hygiene.

Michelin plant in Davydovo was one of the first enterprises in the Moscow region to receive the certificate of conformity of the environmental management system to the international standard ISO 14001. The certificate was issued by UTAC certification body in 2008.

Environment protection is one of the five core values of the Michelin Group of companies worldwide. Michelin environmental management system allows to reduce the negative impact on the environment, to plan environmental activities, to reduce production and household wastes, as well as to save energy and water resources.

Tablogix is developing its own waste management system Go Green, which has reduced production waste and started its reuse.

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