Center of Excellence (CoE) is a result of organization change announced in May 2018. CoE unites leaders of the following departments:

  • quality management;
  • project management;
  • stock control & analysis;
  • automated systems development;

Involved team has excelled expertise in modeling and optimization of processes with deep understanding of business needs and state-of-the-art technologies to solve complex tasks.

These four work streams have been put together to improve even further the company's quality standards and deliver delighted service ongoing. CoE is headed by Alfred Eckl, Operations Development Director. Tablogix CoE accumulates technical and operational capabilities in order to inject innovation and enable the company to provide high class quality standards and state of the art lean engineering methods.

To help you keep abreast of best practices in warehouses logistics we send out our approved case studies and innovation reviews. They cover storage and handling technologies for various types of products. Send your e-mail to with the subject: Center of Excellence.