Corporate Environmental Policy

Environment protection is a crucial commitment of the company.

Sustainability is in our DNA and we always do our best to respect the environment. That is why Tablogix is highly committed to sustainable technologies and our solutions to help make the planet a cleaner place.

We strive to develop our Corporate Environmental Policy in addition to complying with environmental laws and regulations. Sustainable approach will benefit the consumers, customers, shareholders, associates and communities we serve by both meeting our business goals and protecting the environment.

Regarding environmental protection Tablogix assumes the following obligations:
  • to carry out production activities in accordance with the requirements of the Russian environmental legislation;
  • to take technological decisions taking into account the environmental aspects;
  • to provide resources for the comprehensive management of environmental safety in the company;
  • to carry out a systematic assessment of their activities in order to achieve a continuous improvement of environmental performance.
  Tablogix implements:
  • actions to reduce waste;
  • separate collection of waste in the warehouses;
  • waste transfer (cardboard, stretch film, used batteries, racking and handling equipment) for recycling to licensed organizations;
  • training of personnel on environmental safety and waste management;
  • reuse of production waste;
  • sale of waste;
  • reducing paper and plastic use;
  • used battery collection for recycling;