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Health and Safety

Tablogix is aware of its responsibility before its employees and other interested parties for labor safety. The company implements a targeted policy on the development of labour protection. A range of measures complies with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Tablogix implements the following measures to ensure safe work environment:

  • ertification of workplaces;
  • providing reliable, safe and accident free equipment;
  • introduction of the best international standards in the OHS*;
  • daily monitoring of working conditions, availability of personal protection means;
  • monthly supervision of the labour safety status in the subdivision of the company;
  • periodic medical examinations of employees;
  • continuous training of employees to the methods of safe work;
  • test of knowledge of labor protection requirements.

Tablogix provides employees with:

  • certified protective clothing and shoes;
  • certified personal protection means;
  • certified tools and warehousing equipment.

Tablogix introduced a labor protection policy, which includes obligations of the company and all types of labour protection measures.

Download Labor protection policy

* Occupational Health and Safety.