Our values

Tablogix adheres to the core corporate values in its relation with employees, clients and partners. Values unite all employees and contribute to a stable and successful development of the company in the market.

Customer focus
We take care of our customers, meeting their needs and foreseeing expectations.

We ensure unanimity of goals and directions of development, involve our people in achievement of our goals.

We encourage an active participation of each member of our team in creation of company values and in achievement of targets together with our business partners.

Relashionship management
We support a team work and develop best practices together with all interested parties including employees, customers and suppliers.

Continuous improvement
To be successful, we are permanently improving management and developing best practices aiming at highest quality of service on the market.

Process approach
We organize our activities as a system of processes and procedures, which helps to reach the best results in a most effective way.

Decision making
Our management is based on processing of data and information, widely using advanced information technologies.

Environmental protection
We use technologies and recycling, which minimize the carbon footprint on the environment

Fair employer
Tablogix has established principles for Code of conduct, is audited in accordance with IFRS annually and pays all taxes under the legislature of the Russian Federation.

Staff development
We believe that continuous learning process is the key factor in successful development of Tablogix in Russia.