Tablogix has implemented a secure warehouse concept


With the start of Covid19 outbreak, Tablogix has embarked on a secure warehouse concept. We reduced number of visits of guests. Employees were promptly informed of preventive measures by posting visual materials. We provided them with medical masks and hand disinfectants.Dispatchers were additionally provided with latex gloves.

It is important not only to provide the masks, but also to explain how to use and dispose them correctly. The labor protection department issued instructions for the use and disposal of masks based on the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and Rospotrebnadzor. We collect the masks in a separate bag, hermetically pack and dispose of along with household waste. We also recommend reusable masks so as not to increase the amount of garbage. Disposable masks containing plastic have already caused permanent damage to the environment. A huge number of them are found on the shores of the oceans.

Increased requirements for cleaning and disinfecting workplaces are in force, instructions to maintain a safe distance, temperature is measured for all employees. Special precautions were taken when interacting with drivers of vehicles arriving from Europe.

The central office in Moscow has started remote work. Due to the high digitalization level of the company, HQ continues carry out all functions effectively.

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