The Corporate Code of Ethics is one of the main Tablogix management tools. What rules should employees follow?

The Corporate Code of Conduct is a set of rules and codes of conduct. He sets common standards for relations between esmplyees and between the company and concerned parties. Such a Code is necessary to effectively manage the business. The document takes into account the interests of all parts: employees customers, suppliers, competitors and local communities.

The Corporate Code of Ethics has become the international standard for doing business that builds trust in the company. Download Tablogix Code of Conduct poster.

Who tells the employee about the rules?

HR manager on the first working day. The employee confirms his consent to follow the principles of the Code by his signature. Compliance with the Code of Ethics is monitored by Tablogix Corporate Security Department.

What are the consequences of non-compliance with the Code?
Legal liability, as well as disciplinary sanctions.

How to report incidents?
If you are a witness a violation of Tablogix Code of Ethics, report it to the Company’s Managers, HR Director or the Corporate Security Service.

What are the basic rules of conduct?

Respect and equality
Unfriendly behavior towards other employees and any form of discrimination is strictly prohibited at Tablogix. We do not accept any kind of discrimination and offer equal opportunities for all regardless of race, age, gender, religion or origin.

Fair competition
It is not allowed for an employee to extract personal benefits from his position and accept gifts with the exception of symbolic ones. We must not intentionally or unintentionally put the company and ourselves at risk of financial penalties, lawsuits or other legal actions.

All financial transactions must be executed in accordance with the accounting system of the Russian Federation and principles of international financial accounting. Employees should not give or accept hidden payments or other values ​​to gain an unreasonable advantage.

Safety and the environment
You must use safe methods in your work, follow the rules of labor protection and fire safety. Tablogix strives to protect the environment. It is unacceptable to irresponsibly consumption of natural resources and pollute the environment.

Data protection
You must not disclose confidential information, including through negligence. Be careful and attentive using the Internet. Each department is responsible for the storage or destruction of documentation in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation and company standards.


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