At the first Russian online conference of logistics companies Ekaterina Trofimova spoke about 3PL solutions for warehouses

Today attention of the logistics community is riveted on the second day of the online conference of logistics companies. In two days, 1,166 managers and supply chain specialists from 657 companies attended the event. 87 speakers from leading Russian and foreign enterprises discussed key aspects of logistics and supply chain management. Market professionals share business cases and their plans to overcome the coronavirus crisis. The participants reported 2020 logistics market trends such as the growth of logistics outsourcing, a focus on sustainable development and collaboration in supply chain.

Due to the pandemic, customers have increased pressure on providers to reduce costs, encouraging partners to take the path of business optimization and increase service transparency. Automation technologies and the search for affordable innovations do not leave the main agenda of market participants. However, international experts pointed out that the introduction of innovations in Russia is impeded by the low cost of personnel compared to Europe and the short term of contracts.

IMG_20200813_143254.jpgEkaterina Trofimova, Tablogix warehouse manager, speaking at the Warehousing session, described the main motives of customers in choosing a 3PL warehouse. First of all clients are attracted by ready-made working solutions, warehouse management system with the required configuration and trained personnel. Ekaterina named planning and monitoring of warehouse processes as the main directions in the work of the warehouse manager. She relies on information technology and lean manufacturing tools. The most promising innovations for Tablogix are drones for inventory automation, dimension weight scanning, weight scales integrated with WMS, as well as picking robots. Tablogix tests warehouse innovations on a quarterly basis and introduces the best solutions.

We thank the Russian Council of Supply Chain Professionals for the high level of organization of such a large-scale event!

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