Alfred Eckl spoke at the first offline forum "Business and Logistics 2020"

AM4A4085.jpgOn September 18, in Moscow, brilliant speakers from the logistics discussed a new paradigm in the industry, which has changed in 2020 due to the influence of the coronavirus pandemic. The first offline industry forum brought together 150 representatives of retailers, manufacturers, logistics and IT companies. The forum outlined the main trend in logistics 2020 - the search for tools to optimize logistics costs and available innovations.

Alfred Eckl, Tablogix operations development director, told the forum participants about the company's methodological framework and why a particular car brand outsources a warehouse logistics. According to the speaker, own warehouse or outsourcing is a strategic decision that depends on the sales market.

Car brands manages themselves Part Distribution Centers located in the country of brand origin Vice versa in smaller sales markets they mainly outsource warehouse logistics to a 3PL provider. In this case, they retain maximum flexibility in managing warehouse stock regardless of the season, as well as they don’t need to own the logistics infrastructure and they are relieved of responsibility for warehouse headcount. Moreover, the partner provides the client with all-in-one-hand service and strives to reduce the client's costs by optimizing its own processes.

Sustainable development of supply chains, according to the speaker, is a priority issue for the industry, which should become more environmentally friendly in the coming years. Tablogix's focus on sustainability is to improve the implementation of the 3R “Reusing - Reducing - Recycle” and to raise the environmental awareness of employees.

In terms of quality service and project management, Tablogix traditionally relies on international experience. Alfred Eckl spoke about the activities of Tablogix Center of Excellence, shared recommendations on organization continuous improvement system in a warehouse, and gave examples of reducing operating costs.

At the end of the forum official part, a musical performance by a young rock musician and an evening reception took place. The unique atmosphere brought the guests closer. They continued to discuss joint projects. The pandemic has taught companies and people to collaborate. The main challenge for business is to use the crisis to transform the way they work. The advantage will go to those who scale successful practices and are quick to adapt.

Within the framework of the forum, the speakers give an interview about the history, challenges and future projects of their companies. Watch the interview with Alfred Eckle on the Youtube channel of the forum organizer Artem Aintsev.


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