The Corporate Code of Ethics is one of the main Tablogix management tools. What rules should employees follow?

The Corporate Code of Ethics is a set of rules and codes of conduct. He sets common standards for relations, talks about the moral principles on which the work of the company is based. Such a Code is necessary to effectively manage the business, taking into account the interests of all: employees, customers, suppliers, competitors, local communities.

The Corporate Code of Ethics has become the international standard for doing business that builds trust in the company. The main norms of employee behavior, we reflected the poster.


At the online meeting of the AEB Real Estate Committee Tablogix talked about safe warehouse concept

On May 21, the Real Estate Committee of the Association of European Businesses held an online meeting on the safety of commercial real estate. Boris Teklin, Tablogix technical director, shared with the participants his expertise how to organize an effective security service in a warehouse and how to reduce risk of coronavirus spread among staff.


Tablogix has implemented a secure warehouse concept

With the pandemic, Tablogix has embarked on a secure warehouse concept. Employees were promptly informed of preventive measures by posting visual materials. We provided them with medical masks and hand disinfectants.


Tablogix CSR level meets customer requirements

The international rating agency Ecovadis assessed the level of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) * of Tablogix in the segment of transport services. One of the automotive customers initiated an assessment in accordance with its sustainable procurement strategy. The assessment covered four aspects: environmental impact, labor relations and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.


Happy Woman's Day!


Tablogix has awarded a new 5 year logistics contract by Volkswagen Group Rus

“LLC Volkswagen Group Rus” has awarded the Tablogix Company a 5 year contract to manage the ‘state-of-the-art’ 52,000 m2 Parts Distribution Centre at Chekov, Moscow region.

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