Tablogix launches career project for schoolchildren

Warehouse logistics technologies develop rapidly, which attracts young professionals. Tablogix was a pioneer of logistics services market in Russia 25 years ago. The company is interested in training younger generation to bring the logistics industry to a new development level.


Tablogix intruduces new culture to Michelin warehouse operations

Michelin has granted Tablogix the business of managing warehouse operations at Michelin National Distribution Center located in Davydovo village, Moscow region, in the late June 2018.


Working conditions in Tomilino and Davydovo warehouses have been approved

In 2018 Special Assessment of Working Conditions was held at two Tablogix warehouse facilities located in Tomilino and Davydovo. According to the expert opinion, working conditions at these facilities are admissible, harmful and dangerous factors are not revealed.


Tablogix Seasonal Greetings 2019

Best Christmas wishes on behalf of Tablogix team!


Alfred Eckl, Director of Operations Development, will speak at the International Logistics Forum 2019

The forum will be held from 11 to 15 of February. At present, the expert council of the Forum has prepared recommendations for the International Logistics Forum program, its structure and expert review of the competition «Logist of the Year».


SUZUKI MOTOR RUS and Tablogix have signed a storage contract

SUZUKI MOTOR RUS and logistics provider Tablogix signed a contract for storage of spare parts, accessories, motorcycles and other materials.

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