Alfred Eckl has spoken at the forum within Cemat exhibition

From the 19th to the 21st of September 2018 «Effective Management of Enterprise Intralogistics» Forum brought together market professionals to discuss the latest achievements and best practices in intralogistics.


Bureau Veritas Certification Rus has completed Tablogix audit

Tablogix considers quality as a strategic basis for the company development. In August 2018, Tablogix successfully passed a supervisory audit and demonstrated the compliance of the Quality Management System (QMS) with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015.


Tablogix has launched Center of Excellence

Tablogix Center of Excellence is a result of organization change announced in May 2018. Center of Excellence unites leaders of cross-functional teams who are represented the following departments: quality management, project management, stock control & analysis management and automated systems development.


Tablogix has started managing warehouse operations of Michelin

One of the leaders of the tire market, Michelin has chosen Tablogix for managing operations of logistics center in Russia.


Tablogix develops effective SCM and logistics for automotive industry in Russia

Tablogix makes a significant contribution in aftersales business of car manufacturers, developing effective warehousing, liaison service for dealers and delivery of spare parts to the Russian market.


One team, one plan, one goal – the way to operational efficiency

On the 15th of February Tablogix development director Alfred Eckl made a speech "The art of warehouse management in Russia" at the plenary session of the XXI Moscow International Logistics Forum. Mr. Eckl considered the issues of efficiency, quality, control and environmental aspects.

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